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Data Set and Program Links

Data Sets (SAS):
These data sets have been used in many of my social science writings. They are all in the SAS format.

Numerical Estimation Programs (SAS):
These programs are written in SAS and have been used to perform numerically intensive parameter estimations that have been presented in some of my writings. The programs come in varieties that fit both difference equations and differential equatioins. They can serve as templates for others who wish to work with models requiring such estimation strategies.

Graphics Programs (R, SAS, and Think Pascal):
These programs produce graphical output and analysis for highly nonlinear models of social and political change. Mathematical theories addressed by the programs include chaos and catastrophe theories, as well as the theory of ordinary differential equations. These programs are written in R, SAS, and Think Pascal. Some of the R and SAS programs can be cut-and-pasted to produce working templates for other graphics. Think Pascal no longer exists (to my knowledge), but the programs written in that language can be examined to give insight into how I produced some of the specialized graphics that I have presented in some of my books and articles.

Statistical Programs in R
These programs are part of my outreach to the larger R community, and they complement some of the R tutorials that I have created.