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Political Music Videos

Here are musical videos that lots of fun to watch. A discussion of of the political content of many of these musical pieces can be found in my book, Politics In Music. Occasionally some of these YouTube videos are taken down. If that happens, just do a new YouTube search for the song.

Introductory Concepts (see chapter 1 in Politics In Music):

Beethoven (see chapter 2 in Politics In Music):

Richard Wagner (see chapter 3 in Politics In Music):

Bob Marley (see chapter 3 in Politics In Music):

Nationalist and Patriotic Music (see chapter 4 in Politics In Music):

Country Music (see chapter 4 in Politics In Music):

Joe Hill and Labor Music (see chapter 5 in Politics In Music):

Protest Music (see chapter 6 in Politics In Music):

Issue Music

Hip-Hop (see chapter 7in Politics In Music):

New Genre Political Music

Note: Janelle Monáe's music can be best interpreted by comparing it with Fritz Lang's movie, Metropolis, as well as Philip K. Dick's book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?