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Psychic Warrior , by David Morehouse, 1996

Published by St. Martin's: New York

(Clicking on image takes you to Amazon.)

Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse is a dramatic tale of trajedy and personal challenge that everyone interested in remote viewing should read.

Psychic Warrior is Part I of a dramatic real-life story. From this intriguing book, you will learn that David Morehouse was one of the U.S. Army's shining lights, a Major and a company commander in the U.S. Army's elite Airborne Ranger Battalion. He was a true "action figure" who led his troops in hostile territories. His troops admired and followed him. His superior officers sought his company. David was in the midst of a brilliant military career until one day he was struck in the head by a "friendly fire" bullet while on a training mission in Jordan. The bullet did not pierce his skull, but it hit his helmet directly, knocked him out, and left him with a whopping concussion and what he describes as a near-death experience.

For a brief while, Major Morehouse was not the same after his head injury. He started having visions. The Army re-assigned him to the psychic military intelligence unit where he performed very well as a remote viewer. His recently manifesting visions were considered a "gift" rather than a sign of trauma. He eventually decided to break his security oath to spill the beans to the public about the government's secret psychic spying program, and he soon ran into trouble, both personal and professional.

His problems culminated in a stay in a hospital followed by a threatened court marshal. He eventually resigned from the military. Some of his former military colleagues distanced themselves from him. At this point one could only say that David Morehouse was about as broken a man as any man has ever been. His path to eventual personal and professional recovery begins at this point in his life. This is essentially the end of the story conveyed in Psychic Warrior. The book perked a great deal of public interest in the remote-viewing phenomenon in the 1990s, and it is still worth reading today.

Now on to Part II of David Morehouse's story. Perhaps a sequel to Psychic Warrior will one day be written, and we will then all be able to read the details. After leaving the military, David Morehouse moved on to a successful second career teaching remote viewing. Without doubt, he has traveled a long and difficult road since his fall from military grace. That Dave Morehouse recovered from his personal tragedy is evidence that his former Ranger "action figure" drive is still alive and well. The very quality that initially made him valuable to the military is the very quality that continues to make his story so interesting.

In mid-2006, I received the following information from a reliable source who knows Dave Morehouse very well. "In late 2005, Dave challenged the allegations made against him in 1993, and was successful in having his discharge upgraded to fully honorable-proving to the review board that the allegations against him were baseless, without merit, and devoid of credible evidence. As a result of this declaration, he has been engaged with various military projects, and his time is now split between teaching RV and other cherished interests his heart never abandoned when he resigned." This man is a true fighter, and I am not referring to the killing kind. He reminds me of the advice Nelson Mandela once gave to former President Clinton at the height of Clinton's impeachment problems. It is not so important to know that a man has fallen. What is important is that he gets back up. This is Dave Morehouse, a man who fights doggedly to get back up regardless of how long it takes. Read his book, and continue to follow his story.

Of particular interest to the remote-viewing community is Morehouse's use of a style of remote viewing that can sometimes be described as more "free form." This style is called ERV, or Extended Remote Viewing. Morehouse also knows other styles of remote viewing, and this diversity is an important and helpful point of flexibility in his approach to the phenomenon. Overall, his book is an exciting read, and his story is intriguing.